Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plan to Fail

Most people don't start out planning to fail.

When you first resolve to eat healthier, you are optimistic that you will succeed. But as time goes on, obstacles pop up. and you either overcome these obstacles, or they become roadblocks to your success.

For me, my biggest obstacle is inconvenience.

I have made an argument that convenience usually leads to some bad choices for me. a bag of chips and a can of soda is no real meal. So I try my best to ward off temptation by planning ahead. It does not have to be overly complicated. I try to make sure I have some backups for the week. An Apple. Icy water. Cut up melons. I keep a small ziploc of couscous and a bag of cream of wheat for real emergencies. The main point is that I plan for these little emergencies.

Failing to plan (for me) is planning to fail. So I do my best to make sure I have a stockpile of healthy options as to not fall into the vending machine temptations.

Every choice you make is a choice towards your goal, or a choice that defeats your goal.

So, what is your biggest challenge in eating healthy?

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