Thursday, May 29, 2008

Healthy express

Couscous! whole grain couscous. fast. good value. I make mine with veggie broth.

There are so many combinations.
The last time I made it was with diced cukes, garbanzo beans, shrimp and green onions. good eating.

You cannot get any more "express" thank with couscous. and I always love a good pantry recipe in my bag of tricks.


The big buzz lately is gardening. My dentist, Real Simple magazine, my mommy friends, all cannot stop talking about gardens. Everyone seems to be trying it this summer.

There is a great article in Real Simple magazine about good gardens for containers. Tomatoes, peppers, herbs. I tend to have good luck with these in containers. My only downfall is that I over "love" and coddle my plants. :b I am trying to ignore them a bit more.

Yummo! Tilapia, budget friendly seafood

Tilapia was on sale this week for $4/lb. that is a sweet deal. That equalled 4 nice fillets for us.

I pan fried in a non-stick pan. I had a 2 step batter. One with rice milk (adults had a dash of hot sauce) and salted flour and fine cornmeal. Two, with egg whites and panko bread crumbs with dry mustard and fresh ground pepper. This is a very crunchy and flavorful batter.

I made a sauce of drippings with rice milk and pesto. We also had a corn and lentil salad. the kids had brown rice. and fresh sliced tomatoes.

Delicious, super fast, and healthy. Yummo! Good eating.

and with gas staying at $4! my pocketbook enjoyed the price of this meal.

Wishing you healthy eating!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cash crunch; healthy munch

I was a poet
and did not know it. (neither did anyone else, for that matter)

This past Monday while carpooling, I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) wax manifest about the surge in home gardens, specifically organic gardening. People are still wanting to eat healthier and finding ways to do so, even as their food spending is constricted by rising fuel and grocery costs.

What a great solution a small home garden is to our situation! We have planted peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes. but I am seriously considering adding some lettuces and squash to our little cubicle Eden. We already are fairly successful and enjoy our herb garden.

So what do you think? Is this do-able? We just have some containers, nothing fancy. and I am hoping to spark some veggy interest in the kiddos.

Happy planting. and Healthy eating!