Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pantry Dilema!

Girls, I love my pantry. It is an integral part of my kitchen. and I'll tell you why...
I love to look like I have it all together. although that is pretty far from the truth, you know? but when there is a change in our schedule or unexpected company or one of the kids is going through a growth spurt and goes from eating like a big to more like a teenager; well the pantry is my friend. Everything in the pantry is accessible, easy to fix, inexpensive, and always healthy.

The middle of the summertime is when I use down my pantry and use my "saved" money for fun things like waterpark. Then the end of July, I gradually restock. This is when pantry item coupons and sales are abundant. Plus, with hurricane season right around the corner, I like to have a well-stocked pantry.

Here is the dilema: my well-meaning husband put moth balls in my fully stocked pantry. The odor has penetrated the boxes and plastic wrap and seeped into my pasta, crackers, cereals, and sadly more. Is there any salvaging my groceries?


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Linda Beeson said...

OHHHH.... I just remember my mom always have moth balls in her cedar chest!! EKKKK...Not all that sure about wanting to eat that stuff now! Some expert has to have an answer.