Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth day!

I hope you are enjoying Earth day today.

Yesterday I read an article about how the crazy gas prices were affecting families. One income families are cutting back on their food dollars. At first I thought that sounded like a good place to cut back. But the article reported that people are cutting back from more healthy to junk food and foregoing organic choices altogether. That does not sound like a good long-term choice to me.

Eating healthy can be less expensive.
Here is how to cut food costs the Healthy Express way:
  • Drink water. Cheaper and better for you.
  • Refill your water jugs with filtered water. Prices on individual bottled water are predicted to rise even further. Also, it is earth-friendlier to reduce your packaging consumption. and cheaper too!
  • Buy organic when possible. Being healthy saves on medicine, doctors bills, etc. Being healthy also gives you more energy and makes you more productive. You cannot put a price on good health.
  • An apple is cheaper than a bag of chips. and a better choice for you.
  • Plant an organic garden. Vegetables and herbs are great gardens to plant. Share your crop with a neighbor. Or plan your garden with a friend to have a good variety between the two of your gardens. Also, gardening is a good way to get your children to eat their veggies.
  • Be careful in planning your meals. Try to limit wasted food or overbuying.
  • Avoid convenience boxed foods. They are usually high in sodium, low in nutritional value, and more expensive.
  • Brown bag it more often. another healthier and less expensive option. You may have even time to take a brisk walk outdoors during your lunch break.

Healthy eating! Make those calories count! and make your pennies count too!~

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